Air Conditioning Filters

Air filters protect you and your family while enabling your air comfort system to work at its most efficient. Filters will improve your indoor air quality by capturing large allergens as well as traps micro-allergen particles like pet dander, mold spores, dust mites and fungus. Furnace filters and air conditioning filters promote healthy living and are perfect for pet lovers and allergy sufferers.

  • Reduces Household Dust
  • Diminishes Airborne Bacteria & Viruses
  • Reduces Allergens
  • Reduces Pet Hair and Dander
  • More Efficient Operation, Energy Savings
  • Controls Odors & Airborne Organic Compounds
  • Lasts Longer, Reduces Waste

It is important that you replace air filters on a regular basis to keep your air conditioner is running efficiently. We offer a large selection of home air filters in all sizes, custom and hard-to-find sizes. When purchasing an AC filter, remember that the higher the MERV, the better the protection. Higher MERV filters accomplish all the benefits of lower MERV filters, in addition to their targeted protection area of your breathing zones. Scented air filters and other air filter accessories are also available to enhance your air system.

Benefits of Buying a Filter Online:

  • Shop from the comfort of home
  • Don’t have to mess with the parking and lines of ‘big box’ retailers
  • Product delivered to doorstep
  • Availability - Large, expansive assortment of filters

Benefits of Changing Filter Regularly:

  • Protects & Extends Life of AC Equipment
  • Diminishes Airborne Bacteria & Viruses
  • More Efficient Operation, Energy Savings
  • Minimizes odors, allergens, and other airborne organic compounds

Protect your home with brands such as Lysol’s Triple Protection Air Filters, the first air filter certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Lysol home air filters trap at least 95 percent of pollen, 92 percent of dust mite allergens, and 85 percent of pet dander. Lysol Triple Protection Air Filters feature three levels of protection to trap pollutants and allergens, neutralize odors and inhibit the growth of some bacteria on the filter.

Lysol filters are engineered to work better and last longer than your average filter (per published and independent lab test results). Lysol filters are built like commercial air filters using a two-piece frame which makes them sturdier and more reliable. The ultra-high capacity, wire-backed media provides plenty of material to trap what you do not want to breathe.