Heating Tips

5 Things to Look for in an HVAC Professional

If you’ve ever hired an HVAC professional to install, repair, or maintain your heating and cooling system, you know that not all technicians are created equal. So how can you be sure you’ve hired a skilled tech to work on your Florida HVAC system? From NATE certification to a comprehensive knowledge of cooling solutions, look for these five qualifications in an HVAC professional.
NATE Certification.

Furnace, Heat Pump or a Hybrid: Which Is Best for Heating Your Home?

While the Southeast enjoys nice weather for much of the year, homeowners can't ignore the issue of central heating all year long. And where it comes to heating, more options seem to be appearing on the market every year. If you haven't upgraded your heating system recently, you might not be aware of the differences between a heat pump, furnace or a hybrid system. But being familiar with these pieces of HVAC technology can help you make the right choice for your home comfort and your wallet.

Why Florida Homeowners Should Opt for Licensed, Bonded and Insured HVAC Techs

Looking for a high quality HVAC contractor in your area is a daunting task. How can you be sure that you're getting someone competent, capable and accountable before you you set them loose on your system? Who's responsible if something goes wrong while they're working? This is why it's essential, before hiring an HVAC contractor for your Florida home, to make sure that they're licensed, bonded and insured.

When the Temperatures Drop in the SE, These Heating Tips Will Keep You Warm

If you live in the Southeast, you know that while we have milder winters than the folks up north, it can still get mighty cold, and staying warm on a budget can be difficult. The price of energy is steadily rising, and you can only wear so many layers of sweaters to stay warm when the temperatures drop. That's why careful planning in the fall and utilizing proven strategies for staying cozy in the winter are essential if you're looking to save money this heating season while saving money on energy bills. These heating tips will have you basking in warmth without breaking the bank in the coming months.

What's the Most Efficient Way to Heat Your Home?

In the Southeast, where we don't have to worry about months of freezing temperatures, the most efficient way to heat your home isn't always obvious. While that can make finding a heating system a little more confusing, it also means you have more flexibility in choosing exactly the right system for your needs. Taking a little time to learn the basics of several systems will help you make the best choice.