Maintenance Tips

Stop Spending Too Much on These 4 HVAC Concerns

As a Mobile, Alabama, homeowner, you rely on your HVAC system to keep your family comfortable all year round. If you aren’t careful, though, you can spend way too much on your HVAC without getting much in return. Looking for a few easy ways to cut your household expenses? From frequent system repairs to unpleasant odors, stop spending too much on these four HVAC concerns.

6 Ways to Prepare Your Florida Winter Home for Your Arrival

Now that the temperatures have started to drop in the northern United States, you're ready to take advantage of the Florida warmth at your winter home. Before you settle in, though, create a maintenance checklist. You can prepare your Florida winter home for your arrival by inspecting the HVAC system; checking appliances, doors, and windows; and looking for pests.

Preventive Commercial HVAC Maintenance Saves Energy

Saving money on energy bills is a priority no matter how big your business may be, and there are many ways to go about doing so. One method is by conducting routine commercial HVAC maintenance. At the very least, this can help you to identify problem areas in the system. By addressing these issues, you can improve your unit’s efficiency rating, ultimately leading to lower utility costs. However, it takes a licensed professional to really examine a unit for energy efficiency.

Extending the Life of Your HVAC Unit

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest investments for your Florida home. It's expensive to replace, and you want it to last as long as possible. Taking good care of your HVAC system will help it last longer, but it will also prevent it from losing its efficiency earlier than it should. It doesn't take a lot of work or a lot of money to extend the life of your HVAC unit, as long as you do your part to give it some extra love, especially during the peak months.

7 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Technician When You Move Into a Home

When you move into a home, it's new to you even if someone else lived in it for the last 20 years. Your excitement about your purchase might lead you to overlook crucial details, but don't neglect an HVAC inspection. Hire an HVAC expert to check the system in your Alabama home, and don't forget to ask these seven essential questions.

Are You Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your Home?

When you’re at the big-box store, the air filter aisle may not be the most exciting stop. However, choosing the right air filter may save the typical homeowner the headache of an HVAC repair, improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and even save substantial energy dollars. Keep reading through to learn how to choose the right air filter, and why changing it regularly makes good sense.

Your Home’s Ductwork Is Guaranteed to Get Dirty Unless You Take Preventive Measures

It may be out of sight, but you can’t let your home's ductwork be out of mind if you want to maintain good indoor air quality and high HVAC system efficiency. When ducts become contaminated with dirt, mold and other debris, you may have to undergo a rigorous process to resolve the problem. Preventing dirty ductwork in the first place is the preferred option. Here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid contaminated ductwork.

Get Your Home Ready for Severe Weather

During the winter months, homeowners in the southeastern United States face many different types of severe weather. The sleet, hail, ice, heavy rains, seasonal storms and repeated temperature fluctuations that occur can take a heavy toll on a home and its occupants. Getting your home ready for the hazards that winter weather brings can help prevent damage and ensure your family's safety.