3 Tips to be More Energy Efficient in Alabama

Published on: February 21, 2012

We are all concerned about energy efficiency not only to save money in these difficult financial times, but to reduce the amount of energy we are using for a better environmental impact on the planet. We also need our homes to remain at comfortable levels so we don’t freeze during the winter and exhaust ourselves with heat in the summer. Alabama is working hard to do our part in the fight against the overuse of appliances in our homes through heating and air conditioning energy saving equipment, such as the HVAC systems.

There are three ways to help do your part in saving energy, while keeping your home at the comfortable temperatures you need:

1. Have your heating and air conditioning unit inspected every year. Through an inspection, the local Alabama technician can create the most efficient operation for your heating and air conditioning system. The technician has been highly trained to find any problems that may soon arise from the system and can locate difficulties that may be creating a less efficient operation now. This inspection can save you money, the life span of your heating and air conditioning unit and can keep the indoor air quality healthier, while saving the use of energy.

2. Tune-ups play a vital role in maintaining an energy efficient system. With a tune-up once per year, your system can operate efficiently, especially during the times it is used most. A finely tuned machine will reduce the energy it takes to create heat or cool air for your home.

3. Change the filter once per month or more often, depending on the traffic and outside air quality surrounding your home. Changing the filter will keep the system operating smoothly, reducing the use of energy, while keeping the indoor air quality healthy. An air duct cleaning performed by the local Alabama technician will definitely free your home of all allergens, dust, debris and unhealthy pollutants.

Join the rest of the residents in Alabama in the fight against the unnecessary use of energy. The technicians of Alabama have some great tips and services that can help keep your system operate efficiently.