5 Tips to Better Maintain my Alabama Home Heating & AC System

Published on: February 23, 2012

Our air conditioning and heating system is relied upon to run efficiently, quietly and release healthy air into our homes. In Alabama, we rely on the air conditioning and heating experts to deliver quality maintenance visits that will assist us in an efficiently operating unit. There are five ways to maintain the system you own, either through simple tasks you can perform yourself or tasks you will need to rely on the technician in your local Alabama area to handle. These tasks are:


1. Have an inspection by your technician every year. The inspection is a great way to find out how your system is handling the use it is put through in your home. The technician can get a jump on any faulty parts or any area that is having difficulties. This will ensure long lasting air conditioning and heating use and will keep the home healthy.


2. The air conditioning and heating system has a filter to keep out any pollutants, debris, dust, dirt and allergens. Changing this filter at least once per month delivers cleaner, healthier air for you and your family. The filter can be replaced by the system owner rather than having a visit by the local Alabama area technician.


3. Tune-ups are done once per year on the system. The tune-up is a way to create an efficient operation of the system which will reduce the chances of a major break down when you need the system most and will save you money on your heating and cooling bill.


4. To prevent over use of the system, a home can be weatherized in a full-house weatherization program. With the whole home weatherized, the system doesn’t have to operate as often, saving wear and tear on the unit.


5. Keep thermostats as low as possible, either for the cool or warm comfort zones. This saves energy and is better for the Alabama environment, plus saves you more money on your home heating and cooling bill. This also saves unnecessary wear and tear on the unit.