Understanding Your Athens Heating & Cooling System

Published on: February 22, 2012

Home and business owners in Athens, GA, should know the basics of how their HVAC system works. It is important that they know how to use the AC and heating equipment properly. Using HVAC units correctly can significantly increase the longevity and efficiency of the system. It is equally important that owners know how to perform simple preventative measures.


AC and heating installation comes with a lot of responsibilities for the owner. The efficiency of the system has a great impact on the health of the occupants. With this, owners should ensure that their system runs as good as new all the time. There are many HVAC companies in Athens, GA, that provide support for all brands and models of AC and heating systems. After the installation, they never fail to encourage customers to take advantage of their service agreement plans. Some see this as impractical. However, most customers find service agreements to be very advantageous.


The truth is that maintenance service is not just an extra expense. Preventative maintenance helps protect HVAC investments. Regular maintenance can ensure savings on utility bills. It also prevents unexpected repair charges. Many homeowners in Athens, GA, already enjoy the benefits they get from preventative maintenance service. However, others are not yet convinced.


Athens, GA, customers should understand how to keep their AC and heating system running effectively. Units that do not undergo regular maintenance are prone to damage. These troubles usually come from the accumulation of too much dust and dirt. When the system gets loaded with these particles, it tends to work harder. Although it struggles to work, the temperatures produced are not adequate. These units waste a lot of energy, thereby increasing the operating cost. As a result, homeowners in Athens, GA, need to pay higher energy bills. The decision to obtain a maintenance service plan can make a big difference in monthly bills.