A Programmable Thermostat Pays for Itself with Energy Efficiency in Your Atlanta Home

Published on: February 23, 2012

Using an air conditioning and heater system in Atlanta, GA regularly can increase electricity bills. On average, people spend about $1,000 annually to run their HVAC system. Switching from a manual thermostat to a programmable one can help save homeowners a significant amount of money. Using a programmable thermostat will help save people $150 to $180 a year.

Installing a programmable thermostat in an Atlanta, GA home can be expensive. However, these thermostats can bring significant savings in the long run. The latest programmable thermostat models offer great control, easy programming, and a clear display. High-end thermostats can even be set remotely using the Internet.


An air conditioning and heater system is regulated by a thermostat. Many consumers in Atlanta, GA are already using these products. According to the Energy Information Administration, air conditioning and heater systems are responsible for 42 percent of home energy costs.

Heating and cooling empty spaces raises monthly bills. Air conditioning and heater systems often keep running when no one is around. This wastes energy and increases electricity costs. A programmable thermostat is an efficient tool that helps regulate an HVAC system. Atlanta, GA consumers can program their system to turn off when not in use. Programmable thermostats can also be set to a lower temperature at certain times of the day.


With programmable thermostats, consumers can set an air conditioner or heater system to follow a specific schedule. The thermostat will turn the system off or change the temperature automatically.

A lot of Atlanta, GA homes are experiencing the benefits that they get from using programmable thermostats. Many energy-efficient appliances can be purchased from HVAC stores to help consumers save on their electricity bills while experiencing comfort.