Living in Atlanta May Help You Decide Between a Heat Pump or Air Conditioner

Published on: February 27, 2012

If you live in the Atlanta, GA area, you know how important an air conditioner unit is on a hot summer day. You also know that occasional winter evening temperatures can drop to almost freezing. How can you heat and cool your home most efficiently? You can choose a heat pump, a system that is able to both warm and cool your home or you can pick a combination of an air conditioner and some other heating source such as an electric, gas, or oil furnace. A Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer technician can assist you with choosing the best system to suit your needs.


Several factors will determine whether a heat pump or an air conditioner is best for your particular situation.


1. Climate—Your geographic location is important because heat pumps lose their efficiency when the temperatures drop below 40 F. Atlanta, GA sits in the slightly cooler northwestern part of the state. Unless you live in a sheltered part of the city, temperatures here can drop to almost 32 F in the middle of the winter months. You may find that a heat pump cannot adequately manage those few cold days and nights.


2. Cost—In Atlanta, GA a geothermal heat pump will function better through all the seasons than an air-source heat pump. However, setting up the system to draw heat from the ground can be a costly investment initially. If you plan on staying in your home for several years, your energy savings will eventually pay for the cost of the unit and installation. A Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer can recommend products for you and install them for you.


3. What you already have—If you are building a new home in the Atlanta, GA area, you are probably starting from scratch, but if you already have a heater, all you really need is a good-quality air conditioner. Whether you choose a window unit or central air will depend upon the size of your home.


If you need specific advice about whether you need an air conditioner or heat pump, contact an Atlanta, GA, Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer. Professional and highly-trained technicians will inspect your current system, answer your questions, and give you solid recommendations.