Should I Ever Set My Thermostat to the EM Setting?

Published on: February 28, 2012

For those who reside in Atlanta GA, you count on your heating and cooling system to make your life more comfortable. The efficient cooling and heating unit you own can be kept most efficient with the assistance of the local Atlanta, GA Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer. Maintenance, repair, and installation of HVAC systems maintain your comfort levels and keep the air in your home healthy. The thermostat remains on the wall, usually going unnoticed, but always in need.

As you examine your thermostat, the letters EM appear on the display. What is the EM setting and should you ever have to set your heating system to this setting?

The EM setting is to put the system into an ‘emergency’ heat setting. With the regular heat setting, the heating system will transfer heat from the outside air source and pump it into the inside of the home. Heating systems are traditionally set to a certain temperature. If the temperature of the outdoor air in Atlanta, GA drops, and your indoor temperature drops below the degree you have chosen and is not maintained by the system, another heat source will be activated.

When the unit is set on the EM setting, the emergency heat will come on, however, the emergency heat energy costs are much higher to operate than the efficient standard setting. Setting the EM manually in case of a malfunction, such as in a break down during very cold weather is the purpose of the the EM setting. Ensure the setting is on only when you need it for a quick heat supply. Think of the emergency heat to deliver heat only during the emergency situation.

For more information on the emergency heat system setting, the local Bryant® Factory Authorized Dealer technician in Atlanta, GA can assist you in a complete understanding of the programmable back up setting.