Could a Ductless Split System Help Cool Your Atlanta House?

Published on: February 29, 2012

If you live in an older home in Atlanta, GA, you may not have the proper ductwork necessary for a traditional central air conditioning system. Rather than resign to sweltering all summer long, consider the alternative; contact a Carrier® Authorized Dealer to install a ductless split system air conditioner in your Atlanta, GA home. With a ductless split system air conditioner, the bulk of the unit is outside. This means you will not be disturbed by noises made by the compressor and condenser. A professional air conditioner technician from your local Atlanta, GA Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer places the evaporator and fan unit inside. The two units are hooked together by a conduit.

It is only recently that homeowners in Atlanta, GA have had the option of purchasing a ductless split system air conditioner. The use of ductless split system air conditioning units in this country was previously limited to hotel chains, apartment buildings, professional office buildings, and similar structures. Commercial property owners in Atlanta, GA and across the country found the ductless split system air conditioner to be an attractive option because it allowed for individual control of the indoor temperature. This was ideal for buildings that housed a large number of people, all of whom had different ideas of what it meant to be warm or cool.

Homeowners in Atlanta, GA can now have this same comfort in their homes by contacting a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer for installation. Carrier® manufactures heating and cooling units that are on the cutting edge of technology and designed to stand the test of time. Once your new Carrier® ductless split system air conditioning unit is installed, your family members can adjust the temperature in each room as they see fit. You should also notice an immediate decrease in home energy costs.