How Does Your Atlanta AC and Heating System Work?

Published on: February 22, 2012

Property owners in Atlanta, GA depend on heating and cooling systems to keep their environment comfortable. Homes and offices that do not have air conditioning or furnace systems can call on HVAC companies that offer heating and cooling service in Atlanta, GA. These companies offer AC and heating repair and installation for residential and commercial buildings.

Air conditioning units, furnaces and heat pumps are climate control devices. They all have three basic components. These include the source of warm or cool air, a distributing component and a regulator. Furnaces and air conditioners use the same kind of distribution and control systems. In Atlanta, GA homes with central air conditioning, cool and warm air flows out of the same ducts and is regulated by a thermostat. The quality of these three components is always top priority during AC and heating repair and installation.


Air conditioning and heating systems both function using the same principles. Heat always moves away from warm objects. It actually moves towards cooler objects. A heat pump extracts heat inside a home during the summer to cool the air indoors. During the winter, heat pumps pull heat from the air outside and use it to warm the air inside homes and offices. This information can help when requesting cooling or heating system installation in Atlanta, GA. Knowing how a heating or cooling system works can help consumers understand the basics of AC and heating repair and installation.

When requesting AC and heating repair and installation, it is important to deal with a factory authorized dealer in Atlanta, GA. This will ensure consumers that they are getting high quality products from top brands at an affordable price. It is also important to have units checked regularly to make sure that they are prepared for the winter and summer seasons.