How To Avoid Allergy Season This Year in Your Atlanta Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

People prepare for allergy season with medicines, tissues and by avoiding places with allergens. Few realize the same allergens may exist in greater concentration indoors. Avoid the allergy season by using your air conditioning and heater system in Atlanta, GA.

HEPA filters are available on the market to fit any size air conditioning and heating system. This type of filter traps up to 99% of allergens such as dust, molds, pollens, pet dander and more. Although they are considered expensive, they can be cleaned several times before replacement is necessary. Take the filter outside and clean according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. These filters provide the highest indoor air quality for Atlanta, GA homeowners.

Several companies manufacture air conditioning and heater filters known as “lifetime filters.” This filter never needs replacing. It is filled with nylon webbing to capture allergen particles. The filter is taken outside and cleaned with a garden hose. It is then inserted back in the unit once they are thoroughly dry. For Atlanta, GA homeowners with mild allergies, this is an economical choice.

Atlanta, GA spring weather brings beautiful days with perfect weather. The air conditioning and heater system may not be needed for cooling or heating. Use the fan setting to promote air circulation and to remove allergens from the inside air. Most new HVAC systems have “energy saving mode” switches. This allows the unit to operate on less energy.

Sealing around window and door jambs, proper weather stripping and cleaning the HVAC ducting system also helps to reduce indoor allergens. Having the entire HVAC system serviced routinely will ensure that it operates at peak efficiency and provides you and your family with the highest air quality possible. It will also save money on the utility bills. Your Atlanta, GA home can be a place free from allergy season.