Timely Tips to Troubleshoot Heating & AC Issues in Your Brunswick Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

If you are looking to save money on air conditioner and heating costs for your Brunswick, GA home, be sure to look at obvious troubleshooting solutions before placing a call to a HVAC company. For heating issues, start by ensuring that your thermostat is turned to the on position. It may sound silly, but you wouldn’t be the first Brunswick, GA homeowner to call an air conditioner and heating repair company for this reason. Next, make sure the batteries in your thermostat don’t need to be changed. Some of the newer programmable thermostats will flash a warning when the batteries are low. You should also make sure the thermostat isn’t cracked or broken, since this could affect its performance.

Assuming everything is okay with your thermostat, take a look at the furnace in your Brunswick, GA home. It’s possible that the pilot light has gone out and just needs to be re-ignited. To ignite the pilot light, use a long fireplace match so you don’t get too close to the heat source. While you are inspecting your furnace, take a look at its filter. If it is full of dirt and debris, clean it the same way you would clean the lint trap of your clothes dryer. You may want to replace it if it’s extremely dirty. Finally, look at your circuit breaker to see if a switch has been tripped. If so, just switch it back to the on position.

Moving on to the air conditioner of your Brunswick, GA home, you should check for a dirty air filter and condenser coils. Many calls to an air conditioner and heating company could be avoided by cleaning both of these regularly. You should also make sure nothing is blocking the flow of air before contacting an air conditioner and heating company.