Maximizing the Efficiency of Your Macon AC & Heating System

Published on: February 23, 2012

With the efforts of our local area Macon, GA HVAC technicians, your air conditioning and heater system can be even more efficient than they already are. The newer air conditioning and heater systems are built tough, to last through years of use and to save you money on the energy bills you receive through your Macon, GA electric company.


Our technicians can offer you a maintenance program and a whole house weatherization plan that will reduce heating and cooling costs even more, use less energy to help protect the planet and keep your family warm, cozy, and healthy. To maximize the efficiency of your home air conditioning and heater system, there are several ways to secure a spot in these programs.

1. Have our Macon, GA area HVAC expert visit your home to inspect your air conditioning and heater system. This will ensure everything is working together properly, to keep the system operating at the highest levels of efficiency. If a part of the unit is faulty, it can be detected and replaced by the technician at the time of the visit. An inspection is recommended at least once per year to keep the system operating properly and reduce the chance of a break down when you need the heat or air conditioning the most.


2. At least once per year, it is highly recommended that the system receive a tune-up. A well functioning machine is a tuned machine. The AC and heating system that remains tuned up will operate efficiently and will have a long life span. The tune-up will reduce any stress on working parts that may have to over compensate for other parts that are not operating at full capacity. This creates a better functioning, more efficient system.

3. Have a complete home inspection to find out just how weatherized your home is. Leaks and gaps in the air duct system will allow for air to escape or enter into the home, reducing the efficiency of the system. Our Macon, GA technicians will be happy to go over a weatherization plan for your home and help you learn about better weatherization ideas.