The Basics of Your Columbus, GA Heating & Cooling System

Published on: February 21, 2012

A heating and air conditioning system in Columbus, GA works to cool or heat the indoor air for the comfort and health of the occupants. It also circulates the air to prevent the house from becoming stuff; the different components of the system work together to provide the highest air quality possible.

Air inside the house is drawn through a filter into the heating and air conditioning unit. Once inside, a heat exchanger removes the heat and sends it outside. The air is dehumidified and returned to the inside of the house. If heating is needed, a blower heats the drawn in air. The dehumidifier works all year long to provide comfortable air to Columbus, GA homeowners.

The outside condenser works as a pump for the heating and air conditioning system. It contains the coils and refrigerant for the cooling system. Properly maintained, it will last for many years. Leaves, branches, grass, and other debris should be cleared away from the fins. If the fins are bent, they should be straightened to ensure proper airflow to the unit. Homeowners in Columbus, GA, can find a fin straightening comb at DIY stores or online.

Inside the attic and the walls, the ducting system carries the heated or cooled air to each room. This part of the heating and cooling system is often overlooked during maintenance. It should be inspected and cleaned yearly. The cleaning removes dust, mold, fungi or other debris that could cause respiratory problems. The ducting should be sealed and insulated for optimum performance. This also works to keep moist air from pouring into the attic.

With proper maintenance, Columbus, GA homeowners can expect the heating and ac system to run at peak performance all year long. The system will provide the healthiest and most comfortable environment for the occupants. With proper routine maintenance, utility bills will be lower as well.