Maximize Your AC’s Effectiveness in Your Fort Walton Beach Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

Summer in Fort Walton Beach, FL can be really hot. It is indeed a luxury to come home to a cool and comfy home. Residential homes in Florida definitely need an air conditioning system installed. Many people who have existing units in their homes want to check their HVAC system’s efficiency. Fortunately, there are many air conditioner service or repair companies in Fort Walton Beach, FL and the surrounding areas that can help.

There are many things that can make air conditioning systems inefficient. Worn out fan belts, bent cooling fins and damaged insulation can all create problems. The smallest wear and tear in the system can also make an air conditioning unit malfunction. These things can amount to a cumulative drop of anywhere from 1 to 10 percent in energy efficiency. To make sure that air conditioning at home is functioning well, it is important that units go through regular air conditioner service or repair.

Before calling for air conditioner service, homeowners should check on the unit every so often. They should pay special attention to the condenser and compressors. These should be insulated with R-value insulation or snap on urethane. Evaporator and condenser coil fins should be straightened using a special fin comb. Bent fins prevent proper air distribution. If an air conditioning system is on the ground, there should be no foreign material around that can restrict air flow. These simple tips can make cooling units more efficient. In Fort Walton Beach, FL, efficiency is most important when it is hot and uncomfortable during the summer.

Homeowners can always leave it to the professionals to ensure that they have efficient air conditioning units. Companies that offer air conditioner service or repair in Fort Walton Beach, FL employ top technicians who can evaluate, troubleshoot and repair cooling systems to make them work at their best.