Helpful Hints When You Have a Heating or AC Issue

Published on: February 23, 2012

As a home or business owner in Savannah, GA, dealing with an air conditioning and heating issues can a hassle. Our professional service technicians offer these hints and troubleshooting ideas for your air conditioning and heating system.

Power Supply
Before calling for an air conditioning and heating repair, check whether the unit has power. A recent severe storm or power fluctuation may have tripped the circuit breaker or blown a fuse.

Thermostat Settings
If your air conditioning and heating system has power, check your thermostat. Your thermostat may have reverted to its preset functions or someone may have changed the temperature settings.

Dirty Air Filter
Air conditioning and heating issues often result from dirty air filters. A dirty air filter will not allow air to efficiently warm or cool your home or business. During your annual maintenance visit, our professional service technicians will change the air filters in your Savannah, GA home.

If your heating and cooling system is still not working after trying these steps, you may need an air conditioning and heating repair. Our professional service technicians provide heater repair, heating system installation, and AC installation services throughout Savannah, GA. We repair all makes and models of residential and commercial HVAC systems. For your comfort and convenience, our service technicians provide emergency 24/7 repair service throughout Savannah, GA.