Why is a Service Contract Important for You and Your Savannah Home?

Published on: February 21, 2012

Even though Savannah, GA is a southern state, residents still can experience extreme weather temperatures during the summer and winter months. There is nothing worse than not having a functional HVAC unit when you need it the most. To avoid any expensive air conditioning and heating service and repair costs, stay up-to-date on your HVAC maintenance. Included below are reasons why a service contract is important for you and your home in Savannah, Georgia.

A great way to ensure the HVAC unit in your Savannah, GA home is functioning properly is to sign up for a service contract, which can provide you with regular preventative maintenance. Unexpected air conditioning and heating service and repair can be costly. A lower rate is one of the biggest advantages of having a service contract. This lower rate can be in the form of discounts for services performed, no overtime charges, and more.

Homeowners in Savannah, GA who have service contracts are typically considered top priority when it comes to air conditioning and heating service and repair. You can expect VIP treatment no matter the time of day. Your air conditioning and heating service and repair requests will be put at the top of the list before other service repair calls just because you are a valued customer with a service contract.

Do not allow your home or yourself to become a victim to expensive, costly repairs due to the lack of regular preventative maintenance of your heating ventilation and air conditioning system. A service contract agreement provides an excellent value and service to homeowners throughout Savannah, Georgia.