Improving Heating Efficiency in Your Panama City, FL Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

Heating and cooling costs account for a large portion of the average homeowner’s budget. Finding ways to improve heating efficiency is one of the best ways to enjoy more comfort and save money on heating costs. There are several ways Panama City, FL residents can make their homes more efficient.

Maintain Your Heating System

Have a contractor who performs heater repair and installation come out and perform preventative maintenance each year before the cold weather begins. The contractor will check for any problems, like leaks, and will clean your unit, so it is ready to heat your home for the season and run efficiently. Also be sure to replace your air filter regularly, especially during heavy use. Filters can be purchased from a heater repair and installation company or at a local hardware store.

Consider Replacing an Old System

New heating units run much more efficiently than older units. A heater repair and installation company will come out to your Panama City, FL home and give you an estimate for replacing your old system with a new, efficient one. A new system that is properly maintained by a heater repair and installation company will give you comfort and efficiency for years to come.


Insulating will make your Panama City, FL home more efficient by keeping more of the heat produced by your heater inside your home. There are several ways to insulate. Less expensive options include applying weather stripping or caulk around windows and doors, and purchasing efficient window coverings like thermal curtains or cellular shades. More expensive options include having insulation installed and replacing old windows with new, dual pane windows.

Whether you choose to make a small change like applying weather stripping this winter or make a larger one like having a new heating system installed, you will enjoy lower heating bills and more comfort in your Panama City, FL home.