Top Five Ways to Keep Your Panama City Heating and Cooling System Healthy

Published on: February 23, 2012

In the Panama City, FL area, you’ll generally use your HVAC system for each season of the year. Since the unit will be used so often it is important to keep it operating as efficiently as possible. Here are five practical tips to help you do so.

* The simplest thing you can do to keep your system healthy is change your air filters. This process takes only a few moments of your time and can be performed by even the most novice home owners. As a good rule of thumb, it’s smart to keep two filters inside the home at all times so that you can readily change them as necessary.

* At different times of the year you’ll want to have the exterior unit routinely checked for any signs of twigs, leaves, or other yard debris that may have accumulated within the system. Each month take a few moments to clean the unit; this is considered an essential step in keeping the system healthy. Should the unit need a deep cleaning, you may need to contact an air conditioning and heating service and repair dealer for further assistance.

* Have a professional inspect your duct work. Checking your air ducts on a fairly regular basis is crucial to keeping your system healthy. If your air duct has been punctured, disconnected, or crushed, it will diminish the overall operating efficiency of your system. A trained air conditioning and heating service and repair technician in the Panama City, FL area can perform this service for you.

* Consider replacing a blade. Speak with a Panama City, FL air conditioning and heating service and repair dealer to have your fan blade replaced when the system is not in use. If the blade is bent or damaged, it’s important to have this done promptly in order to keep your system healthy.

* Maintain a regular preventive maintenance schedule. The most important thing to remember in order to keep your Panama City, FL heating and cooling system working efficiently is to maintain a regular maintenance schedule. Speak with your local air conditioning and heating service and repair dealer to set-up and schedule an appointment to keep your system healthy.