Troubleshooting Problems with Your Heating & AC System in Your Pensacola Home

Published on: February 21, 2012

Heater and air conditioning repair or installation requires local Pensacola, FL professionals in the HVAC field. However, there are times when there is no real need to call these experts. Owners themselves can handle simple HVAC system checks. Before calling the heater and air conditioning repair or installation service provider, homeowners should be sure that there is a need to do so. Simple troubleshooting will tell homeowners if they need to call a local HVAC company in Pensacola, FL.

When problems with the unequal distribution of warm or cold air inside the house arise, homeowners should check the system first. Unequal temperature distribution can come from a problem with the temperature settings on the thermostat. Owners should know how to properly use their thermostat in order to program it correctly. Resetting the thermostat may solve temperature distribution problems. If this doesn’t help, it could be a problem with the air filter. Replacing an air filter does not require an expert in heater and air conditioning repair or installation. Troubled filters are often loaded with dust and dirt. To prevent problems with air filters, Pensacola, FL residents should frequently check their AC and heater filters.

If the system starts to emit a burning smell, there is a serious problem with the heating and cooling system. If this happens, residents should call the heater and air conditioning repair or installation service provider right away. The smell may come from burnt insulation or wiring. This is a serious issue that needs professional repair. The same goes for tears in the wiring. Wiring problems can cause a system to leak air or gas. If occupants detect these kinds of problems, they should call the Pensacola, FL service provider right away.