What to Do About Heating Problems in Your Montgomery, AL Home

Published on: February 23, 2012

Montgomery, AL homes need heater service before the winter season starts. Homeowners who have HVAC systems installed should make sure that they are working properly to provide enough heat when the nights turn cold. As an HVAC service company, we can provide heater repair or installation to assist Montgomery, AL area residents, including installation, maintenance, repair, and heater service.

Before calling for heater service, troubleshooting heating problems can save homeowners a lot of money. If an owner can fix a heating problem, then there may be no need to call a repair technician. One of the major causes of problems with heating units is a faulty or improperly installed thermostat. Programmable thermostats should also be checked to see if they are set correctly. Problems with improper heating levels can occur when someone accidentally turns the thermostat down. At the first sign of a heating problem, owners should check the thermostat before calling for heater repair or installation Montgomery, AL.

Homeowners who hear noise coming from their heater often want to call a heater service to fix the issue. They should check the heater for any air buildup before they call a professional for help. Adjusting the bleeder or pressure valve release should be able to fix issues with heaters making too much noise. The ignition system or monitor may also not be working properly, and this can cause noise. These minor issues may also be fixed during preventive maintenance when customers request regular repair or installation Montgomery, AL. If homeowners experience heating problems that they cannot handle, heating repair and installation services can help.