Improve Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) From Your Heating & AC System in Augusta in Time for Spring

Published on: February 21, 2012

People who suffer from indoor allergies in Augusta, GA are often unaware of the cause. In many cases, allergy symptoms are caused by clogged vents, ductwork and furnace filters that release pollutants into the air instead of trapping them. Household odors from cooking and fumes from cleaning supplies are also frequent causes of allergies. You may recognize the symptoms as frequent sneezing, a plugged or runny nose, watery eyes, hives on the skin, itching and even difficulty breathing. An Augusta, GA air conditioning and heater service or repair company can help you to eliminate many of these issues and make your Augusta, GA home healthier.

Most air conditioning and heater service or repair companies in Augusta, GA have at least one staff member who is trained to perform indoor air quality evaluations. If you are interested in this service, contact the air conditioning and heater service or repair company to request an appointment. Some Augusta GA heating and cooling companies provide this service for a flat rate cost, while others charge by the hour. You can always ask for an estimate when scheduling the appointment.

The purpose of an indoor air quality evaluation is for the specialist to pinpoint areas in your home that are contributing to allergy or asthma symptoms. People who are prone to these illnesses are often very sensitive to the environment inside their Augusta, GA homes. The service technician from the air conditioning and heater service or repair company will probably recommend regular cleaning of your furnace and air conditioning filters, ductwork and air vents. Keeping all of these clean will go a long way toward improved indoor air quality. In addition to having a high-quality air conditioner, you may also benefit from installing an air purifier or a dehumidifier to keep air fresh and circulating.