Service Maintenance Agreements Give You An Edge in Augusta, GA

Published on: February 22, 2012

An inefficient air conditioner and heater in your Augusta, GA home costs more than you think. Besides a shorter life span, an inefficient air conditioner and heater also increase your monthly utility bills and increases the likelihood of needing expensive repairs. To increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and heater, contact an Augusta, GA heating and cooling company to request information about a maintenance service agreement. This arrangement allows you to receive preventative maintenance for both your furnace and air conditioner annually. It also has additional benefits that are determined by the HVAC company.


Most Augusta, GA heating and cooling companies follow the same schedule for preventative maintenance visits. A service technician comes to your home or business in the spring to check the condition of your air conditioner to ensure that it is ready for the heavy cooling season. If any minor problems are spotted, the service technician fixes them at this appointment. In the fall, a HVAC company representative returns to your home or business to repeat this process with your heating system. Having preventative maintenance performed one season ahead of schedule has been proven to make both air conditioning and heating systems more reliable when they are needed the most.


Many HVAC dealers in Augusta, GA refer to customers who purchase an annual maintenance contract as preferred customers. Some companies also have a different name for the annual contract, such as Comfort Club. Regardless of the specific terms used, the benefits are typically similar from one heating and cooling company to the next. These include discounts on future parts and labor, priority scheduling, no overtime rate for emergency service calls and so forth. If you decide to sign up for a plan with an air conditioner and heater company, make sure you read it in full to understand your benefits.