Allergy Season is Approaching – Keep Your South Georgia Home Fresh

Published on: February 21, 2012

When people think of allergy season, many envision misery due to grass, pollen, and other outdoor triggers. However, allergies can occur due to air pollutants inside of your South Georgia home just as easily. If you or a family member experience year-round symptoms, contact an air conditioning and heating service or repair company in South Georgia for a home indoor air quality evaluation. The results could have everyone feeling healthier and breathing easier.


When you contact a South Georgia air conditioning and heating service or repair company, you need to indicate that you are specifically interested in an indoor air quality report. A service technician from the HVAC company will come to your home and identify problem areas that may be contributing to the sneezing, hoarseness, itchiness, difficulty breathing, and other indications of allergies or asthma. It is common for animal fur and dirt particles to become trapped within an air vent and prevent the free flow of air. Instead of getting fresh air, the vent blows the allergens back into the air to be inhaled, which greatly affects those with allergies or asthma.


Mold growth is another common issue for home and business owners in South Georgia. It is caused by moisture in the air, which can be difficult to prevent without using a dehumidifier. If mold is a problem in your South Georgia home or office, a technician from an air conditioning and heating service or repair company can discuss various dehumidifier options with you. Most heating and cooling companies sell dehumidifier and air purification products in addition to heating systems and air conditioners.

Before the indoor air specialist from the air conditioning and heating service or repair company leaves your home, he or she should provide you with a detailed list for improving air quality. The majority of suggestions should be inexpensive and easy to implement.