Top 4 Tips to Get Your Air Conditioner in Shape for the South Georgia Spring

Published on: February 28, 2012

Spring will be here soon, and along with it, the warmer temperatures that make you turn on the air conditioner in your South Georgia home or office. If you haven’t given your air conditioner a thought all winter long, now is the perfect time to do some routine maintenance to make sure it is ready for the heat of a South Georgia summer. You can also contact a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer to assist you. During an average summer, the cost to run your air conditioner can comprise 50 percent of your total utility bill. By taking some small steps to save energy, you can significantly lower that percentage.

Your air conditioner comes equipped with an air filter to catch the debris floating in the air of your South Georgia home or place of business. When the air filter gets full, it can cause your air conditioning unit to run much more inefficiently. If you clean your air filter once a month and change it as needed, this is an easy problem to overcome. You should also periodically check your vents to make sure that nothing is in front of them blocking the free flow of air.

A South Georgia Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer who provides professional heating and cooling services can send a technician to your home to ensure that your air conditioner is ready for the warm weather ahead. You also may have the opportunity to sign up for a routine maintenance program for a small annual fee. This entitles you to have both your air conditioner and your heater checked once a year by a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer.

To decrease the stress on your South Georgia air conditioning unit, keep your curtains pulled to avoid direct sunlight coming into your home. Too much sunlight causes your air conditioning unit to have to work that much harder at keeping you and your family cool all summer long.