Benefitting from an Energy Efficient Home

Published on: April 25, 2012

If you have not reached the level of energy efficiency in your home or business that you would like, it may be time to consider contacting an air conditioning repair and installation company for help. Most professional air conditioning repair and installation companies offer energy audits to both their residential and commercial customers. An energy efficiency audit can help you see where you are wasting resources and provide you with ways to correct the problems.

In the average home in the United States, heating and air conditioning repair and installation costs account for 50 percent of the monthly utility bill and 25 percent of the household budget. These numbers alone should be enough to convince you of the need for increasing your energy efficiency. Typically, the solutions to better energy efficiency are quite simple. The energy auditor may recommend such steps as caulking and weather-stripping around doors and upgrading your windows and lighting. However, things can get a bit more complex when it comes to air conditioning repair and installation. Most air conditioning repair and installation companies will recommend replacement if the unit is more than 10 years old or it needs almost constant repair.

Regardless of the energy efficiency upgrades you choose, the benefits will soon outweigh any cost. You will feel more comfortable in your home or business, and those that suffer from respiratory distress may see a dramatic improvement in their symptoms. You should also notice an almost immediate difference in the amount of money it takes to provide heating and air conditioning to your home or business each month. When you make the switch to more natural sources of energy, such as geothermal heat pumps or solar energy, it requires very little use of energy. It only makes sense that lower utility bills would follow.