How You Benefit from an Energy Efficient Atlanta Home

Published on: April 25, 2012

The benefits of having an energy efficient home in Atlanta, GA, are well worth the effort and expense. The Bryant® factory authorized dealer who performs your air conditioning repair and installation will help you obtain the best energy savings possible.

A Bryant® factory authorized dealer is a company whose employees have undergone specialized training in the manufacturer’s products and systems. They are highly skilled and certified by the manufacturer to perform all air conditioning repair and installation under warranty. Hiring a company without this designation may result in voiding the warranty. This means you would then be responsible for the full cost of maintenance and repairs.

One of the obvious benefits from an energy efficient home is lower utility bills. Over time, the money spent on items and work to achieve energy efficiency is being paid back in money saved. Even though the total cost may not be paid back quickly, it is still worth the expense. Your Bryant® factory authorized dealer can help you choose the right system for your home and budget. During your next air conditioning repair and installation, ask about making your home energy efficient. The technician will be happy to explain how insulation, sealing doors and windows, and servicing the ducting system work together to give you the most energy savings possible.

An energy efficient home in Atlanta, GA, is also a healthy home. The HVAC system cleans the indoor air through efficient filters. It also maintains the indoor humidity at a level of comfort that does not encourage mold growth. Having the ducting system cleaned, sealed and insulated by your Bryant® factory authorized dealer ensures no pathogens are blown into the house. An air conditioning repair and installation should result in an energy efficient and healthy home. You save both on energy and medical bills at the same time.