How an AC Tune-Up Saves Money

Published on: April 25, 2012

Having a routine air conditioner repair or installation tune-up may seem like an unnecessary expense. A technician comes out, works on the HVAC system and leaves. This happens once or twice a year. Keeping your system properly tuned will save you money on the energy bill.

A well- tuned system uses less electricity than a poorly maintained one. It will need fewer repairs as well. During your next air conditioning repair or installation, ask the technician how you can maintain the system between tune-ups. If your unit is new, the owner’s manual has information you need to keep the system running at optimum efficiency.

A unit that receives regular tune- ups is less likely to need a major air conditioning repair or installation. Items that need repair are caught early and repaired before they can become a larger problem. For example, replacing a cracked belt during a tune-up will help keep the motor from overworking and burning out. The belt may cost a few dollars while the motor could cost several hundred.

Having the ducting system serviced routinely should be part of your air conditioner tune-up. During an air conditioner repair or installation, have the technician inspect the ducting system and insulation. Having the ducts cleaned and sealed will save even more money. A well-insulated ducting system provides all the heated or cooled air to the house instead of leaking it into the attic.

The air conditioning system maintains the indoor humidity levels. If the humidity is too high or low, respiratory problems could result. Existing respiratory problems could be aggravated.

Reduced energy bills, repair bills and medical bills are all benefits of a well- tuned air conditioning system and also helps the house’s resale value, as buyer’s are more apt to purchase a home with an energy efficient HVAC system.