Understanding How Your Montgomery Home’s AC Functions

Published on: April 25, 2012

Waiting until your Montgomery, AL, home’s air conditioning system breaks down to understand how it works, is too late. You will be more concerned about the air conditioning repair than understanding its functions. Each component works to keep the entire system working well. Overlooked components will break down and need air conditioning repair more often than maintained ones.

The air in your air conditioning system begins its journey through a filter in the blower unit. From there, it is dehumidified and then sent to the coils. The excess moisture is sent outside via a drain tube. Keeping the drain tube clear with a cup of bleach once a month can prevent the need for an emergency air conditioning repair. The air in the coils has the heat removed. The heat is sent into the outside air. The cooled air is sent to the blower unit, which sends it to the ducting system.

The ducting system is overlooked by most homeowners and air conditioning repair companies. The air travels through the ducts into the rooms through vents. If your air conditioning system ducts have not been cleaned for several years, you are breathing dust, molds or other debris accumulated in the system. Having them cleaned every year will keep your air healthy. The air conditioning repair technician will also repair any leaks and insulation to prevent moisture buildup in the attic.

You can control your air conditioning system through the thermostat. A digital thermostat saves money by allowing you to program the temperature at different times of the day. It will raise or lower the temperature to save you money on energy bills. Prices vary according to the number of features you choose. Often, the energy savings pays for the unit in one or two months.

By understanding your air conditioning system, you can keep your Montgomery, AL, home cool and healthy all year long.