How Your AC Functions and What You Should Know

Published on: April 25, 2012

Your air conditioning system is more than just a machine. It works all year long to deliver clean, cool or heated air to you and your family. It may be an all-electric unit, or a model that uses electricity for the air conditioner and gas for the heating system. The air conditioning system dehumidifies the air, regardless of the settings. It is important to understand how the system works.

Indoor air is pulled into the unit through a filter. This filter traps debris that would interfere with the coils and other mechanisms. Different filters are available for your system. It is important to clean or replace the filter on a regular basis. A clogged filter forces the unit to work harder and to wear out faster.

Inside the air conditioning system, the air is dehumidified and sent to the heat exchanger. The heat is then blown outside and the air is cooled and sent to the ducting system.

The outside condenser unit houses the heat exchanger and coolant. It is imperative to keep debris away from it so airflow is not hindered. Do not allow anything to damage the fins. Providing shade for the condenser helps it run cooler during the summer. This helps to lower the energy bill.

The ducting system is the most ill- maintained and forgotten part of your air conditioning system. It needs cleaning and maintenance on a routine basis. This service should be performed annually. The technician will:

• Clean dust, debris, mold, fungus and other debris from the ducts.
• Seal the inside of the ducts to prevent future mold, bacteria or fungal growth.
• Repair any leaks in the ducts.
• Repair the insulation surrounding the ducts.

By maintaining the entire Air conditioning system, your energy bills will be lower. The ducting system will deliver all the cooled air to your home instead of the attic. The filters will help clean the air and the unit will maintain a healthy humidity level. You and your family will be comfortable and healthy during the summer season and all year long.

Your local Carrier® factory authorized dealer can install, maintain and repair your HVAC system. A factory authorized dealer has technicians trained and certified by the manufacturer to work on their specific products. They can perform all maintenance and repairs on their products under warranty. They also carry parts for most, if not all of the manufacturer’s models.