AC Sweating: Indications of Severe HVAC Issues

Published on: April 25, 2012

If you are experiencing mold growth on the ceiling, you could have an issue with your air conditioning. AC sweating is a condition that needs immediate air conditioning repair. Left unattended, the condition will worsen; thousands of dollars in damage and health hazards could result.

Moisture from sweating air ducts soaks and flattens the insulation, rendering it useless. Drywall becomes weak when wet. It could collapse under the weight of wet insulation. This poses a serious problem for electrical wiring as well. The moisture soaks into the wood, causing rot. Mold and fungus can grow under these conditions. The roof decking can delaminate, causing the roof to fail. Having air conditioning repair performed will prevent this condition from occurring. This will save thousands in potential repair bills. Preventing sweating in the air conditioning system is not impossible.

An air conditioning repair company can insulate your ducting system. This keeps condensation from forming. Sealing any holes or cracks prevents air from leaking into the attic. This saves money on the air conditioning bill. All of the heated or cooled air is delivered to your rooms. The technician will tune both the blower and condenser units. This helps the air conditioning to dehumidify the air efficiently. Removing excess moisture is essential to preventing condensation.

Keeping the drain line clear is another important task to help your air conditioning system function efficiently. A slow drain, blocked by mold or algae, allows water to back up into the system and into the house. If this happens, the air conditioning repair bill could be expensive. The HVAC technician can install a port in the drain. Each month, pour a cup of bleach into the drain. This kills any algae or mold growth.

Regular maintenance of the complete system will prevent AC sweating. The cost for a service contract is minimal when compared to repair bills. You will also enjoy lower energy bills from a well- running HVAC system.