Is Upgrading to a High Efficiency System In Your Future?

Published on: May 2, 2012

Consider replacing your old HVAC system with a high efficiency unit during an air conditioning and heating installation. High efficiency units use far less electricity than models built ten or more years ago. Current building codes require new construction to have HVAC systems of at least a 13 SEER rating. High efficiency models today have SEER ratings as high as 24. When it comes to this rating, higher is better.


An air conditioning and heating installation company can help you choose an Energy Star certified unit with a high SEER rating for your home and budget. These units qualify for tax breaks and incentives from energy companies, counties, states and the IRS. All of the necessary paperwork will be given to you by the representative. He or she will be happy to help you fill it out.


There are high efficiency units that are powered by both grid and solar power. These are the highest efficiency units on the market today. Your air conditioning and heating installation company can install and maintain it for you. The money you wave in energy bills and the tax breaks will pay for the unit over time.


When you are having air conditioning and heating installation work done, do not leave out the ducting system. Having the ducts cleaned, sealed, repaired and insulated will also save money. All of the heated or cooled air will be delivered to the house. No moisture from condensation will leak into the attic and cause damage to the insulation, roof decking or other materials.


Maintaining an existing system will create savings on the utility bill. Placing this money with other budgeted funds will add up over time. You will be able to purchase the high efficiency unit your home needs. Of course, many HVAC companies offer financing options to customers who qualify.