Latest Products that Help Solve Ventilation Problems

Published on: May 9, 2012

Homeowners in Athens, GA know firsthand the effect that humidity can have on ambient temperatures. The higher the moisture content in the air, the harder the HVAC system has to work. Inefficient ventilation can cause noticeable problems and high power bills. Routine ac maintenance is critical to detecting issues early. Damp basements, fogged windows, mildew growth, and bad odors signal the need for air conditioning repairs. Several new products help homeowners breathe easier with practical indoor ventilation solutions.

HVAC technicians can test the efficiency of filters during standard ac maintenance using handheld particle counters. These meters are specifically designed to ensure air quality by calculating the concentration of particles in the air. Poor readings can also be an indicator of more serious problems. An airflow meter gives an in depth analysis of differential pressure, air velocity, and humidity levels. These devices allow for faster pinpointing of trouble spots and quicker air conditioning repairs.

In humidity prone regions, bathrooms and kitchens often need additional ventilation. During ac maintenance, have a technician check for moisture accumulation. Consider upgrading fans during air conditioning repairs. Newer models come with built in lights, operate quietly, and have germicidal capabilities. Increasing airflow to these rooms can be achieved by adding a device that runs the fan continuously. This control is compatible with new or existing fans, and runs on low speed for energy efficiency.

Air conditioning repairs in Athens, GA should tailor airflow needs to individual systems. A smaller unit may require a higher velocity to pressure ratio. In-line centrifugal duct fans are one way to accomplish this. These units can connect directly to the existing ductwork. HVAC technicians often detect trouble areas during ac maintenance visits. This is the perfect opportunity to explore new products and affordable options for improving indoor air quality.