The Advanced Energy Center Projects the US to be Energy Independent by 2016

Published on: May 2, 2012

Home and business owners are too dependent on foreign energy sources, according to the Advanced Energy Center. Alarmed by the reports that approximately 50 percent of energy sources in the United States are imported, the Advanced Energy Center has called on everyone in the country to do their part to reduce this dependence. It has selected July 4, 2016 as the goal date for completely cutting off the country’s dependence on other nations for supplies of energy.


In the average home in the United States, air conditioning and heating costs make up around one-half of the monthly utility bill. This number could be greatly reduced by considering new ways of providing air conditioning and heating to homes and businesses. Specifically, the Advanced Energy Center advocates using natural reserves of coal, gas and oil within our own country. This would leave Americans less vulnerable to the whims of other nations and ensure that the materials needed for air conditioning and heating purposes would always be available.


Solar power, geothermal heating and fuel cells are all energy efficient ways to provide air conditioning and heating to both commercial and residential properties. If you are interested in exploring any of these methods, contact a local air conditioning and heating company to request more information. The HVAC company would send one or more service technicians to your property to evaluate it for a possible upgrade. There are numerous benefits to all of these energy efficiency upgrades, including lowered utility costs, possible tax credits and greater comfort.


In addition to all of the individual benefits of using alternative air conditioning and heating methods, it also contributes to the collective good of the country by releasing less carbon emissions into the environment. Besides lessening energy dependence, environmental concerns are the biggest reason the Advanced Energy Center is pushing for this initiative.