The Moisture Epidemic and How It may Affect Your Athens, GA A/C

Published on: May 4, 2012

As a homeowner in Athens, GA, you are already familiar with the effects of the moisture epidemic on your hair and skin. What you might not realize is how the moisture epidemic may affect your air conditioning system. Our air conditioning service technicians explain how the moisture epidemic affects your air conditioner and what you can do about it.


Indoor Air Quality

Excessive levels of moisture in your Athens, GA home directly impact the indoor air quality. The moisture epidemic fuels the growth of mold and mildew in your home. Your air conditioning system helps you by trapping mold spores and preventing them from circulating through your home’s air. Our air conditioning service technicians recommend monthly air filter replacement if you have high indoor moisture levels.


Air Conditioning Service

The moisture epidemic may cause you to need more frequent air conditioning service visits. Your air conditioning system works hard to eliminate all that humidity from your home, which results in excessive wear and tear on the mechanical components of the air conditioner. An air conditioning service visit by our trained air conditioning repair technicians recommend an annual air conditioning tune-up that includes air filter replacement, cleaning of the coils, motors and fan, draining of the condensate line and checking refrigerant levels.


Air Conditioning Repair

Even with careful air conditioning maintenance, you may need an air conditioning repair as a result of the moisture epidemic. Do not put off a needed air conditioning repair. Waiting to make a needed air conditioning repair could result in more damage to your air conditioning system and a higher repair bill. We offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair service throughout the Athens area. Our air conditioning service technicians are trained and experienced with working on all makes and models of residential and commercial systems.