Determining and Solving Ventilation Problems

Published on: May 16, 2012

If your Atlanta, GA, HVAC system seems to be working too hard to keep your home cool, you could have ventilation problems. Your local Bryant® factory authorized dealer can evaluate your home to see if you need an air conditioning repair.

The most energy efficient air conditioning system will be ineffective at properly cooling and dehumidifying the air if the house or attic lacks proper ventilation. During a repair or installation, your air conditioning repair company can install ventilation if needed.

A factory authorized dealer has trained and certified the dealer’s technicians in repairing and maintaining their systems. They can perform all necessary work under warranty for the Bryant® HVAC system. The dealer also carries parts for the systems, eliminating waiting for parts to come in.

An attic needs proper ventilation in order for the HVAC system to work properly. If the air in the attic is extremely hot, the ducting system will absorb heat. The system will overwork to cool the house and break down. This air conditioning repair can be avoided by properly ventilating the attic.

You can check for evidence of ventilation problems by inspecting the house’s ceilings. Inside closets and other rooms, look for signs of moisture or mold. If they are present, it means that moist air cannot escape from the attic. Adding soffit vents and air turbines, a ridge vent or attic fan will solve the problem. Ensure the ducting system is properly insulated to prevent condensation.

The air filter in the HVAC system keeps contaminants out of the system. Air flow must be unimpeded for the system to work properly. A clogged filter causes the system to overwork and strain. Running the system without the filter will allow contaminants to damage the system. If either condition is allowed to continue for long, air conditioning repair will be needed.

Let your Atlanta, GA, Bryant® factory authorized dealer check your home for ventilation problems. You can prevent an air conditioning repair with regular maintenance.