Determining and Solving Ventilation Problems in your Atlanta Home

Published on: May 4, 2012

Your Atlanta, GA, home should be a place of comfort. Mold growth can rob you and your family of your comfort and health. Your air conditioning system works hard to remove excess moisture from the inside air. If your system is having trouble, or if you notice mold growth inside the house, your local Carrier® factory authorized dealer can help you identify and repair the problem.

The house’s ventilation should begin with the roof because it is the highest point of the house. The sun’s UV rays heat the inside of the attic to well over 120º in the summer. This heated air must be vented to the outside or it will cause the air conditioning system to work harder to compensate. Ventilation of an attic can be accomplished by:

• Adding a ridge vent
• Adding soffit vents
• Adding air turbines
• Adding an attic fan that uses solar or grid power

All of these do not have to be installed. Soffit vents allow the outside air to enter the attic. The chosen vent system for the roof allows it to escape, taking the moist, heated air with it. Your local Carrier® factory authorized dealer can help you choose the right ventilation system for your attic.

Sealing any leaks in the ducts of the air conditioning system will prevent moist air from leaking into the attic. Insulating the ducts will prevent condensation from forming. A Carrier® factory authorized dealer can service the ducting system. Your family will enjoy cleaner air and energy savings.

Reducing the inside moisture can be accomplished with minimal or no cost. These tips include:

• Turning on the bathroom vent when taking showers
• Installing and using a bathroom vent in the laundry room
• Using the stove vent when cooking
• Keeping the doors and windows closed on humid days
• Reducing the number of houseplants

Your Carrier® factory authorized dealer can recommend an air conditioning system to maintain comfortable humidity levels inside your home. They can also identify and solve your Atlanta, GA, home’s ventilation problems.