How Your AC Functions-What You Should Know

Published on: May 9, 2012

Your HVAC system functions as a complete system. You can think of it as having three distinctive parts, each functioning as part of a whole. If one part is not working properly, the entire system needs ac service. In Atlanta, GA, your Carrier® factory authorized dealer can repair, install and maintain all parts of your system.

The first part of your system is the outside condenser unit. This is where the motor, condenser coils and refrigerant are stored. The refrigerant is cooled and sent to the inside evaporator coils. When it returns, it is hot. The fluid picks up the heat from the air. The heated fluid travels to the evaporator coils. The fan behind the coils turns on and cools the fluid the same way a car radiator fan works. To keep it working properly, keep debris away from the unit. Do not stack anything on top of or in front of the fins. If the fins are bent, they should be straightened by using a fin comb. The ac service company will check the motor’s oil level and the refrigerant level for the HVAC system.

The second part of the unit is the blower unit. It contains the evaporator coils and the refrigerant. The incoming air is pulled through the filter and over the coils. The fluid absorbs heat from the air. The difference in temperature between the air and fluid causes condensation to form. This moisture drains to the outside through the drain tube. The filter should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Maintain the drain tube by pouring a cup of bleach into it every month. This ac service you can perform in between regular HVAC system tune-ups.

The third part of the HVAC system is the ducting system. Every year, have your local ac service inspect, clean and repair it so the entire system works properly. In Atlanta, GA, your Carrier® factory authorized dealer can perform this service for you. A factory authorized dealer is able to provide all work on Carrier® products under warranty; they also carry parts for most models.