Severe HVAC Issues May Cause AC Sweating

Published on: May 16, 2012

Summers in Atlanta, GA, are hot and humid. A Carrier® factory authorized dealer can perform any air conditioning repair needed. Summer’s heat is no time for the HVAC system to develop a problem. No problem should be ignored, even if it seems like a small item. Sweating in the HVAC system can signal a severe problem.

In the HVAC system, the ambient air passes through the filter and flows over the evaporator coils. If the coils are coated with debris, dust or other contaminants, it cannot dehumidify the air properly. Moist air is sent into the air ducts. The moisture condenses and pools in the ducts. The water can leak into the ceiling, joists, rafters and the insulation. Mold can grow and cause health problems. The damage can be extensive. If you see water droplets coming out of a rooms’ vents when the system is on, you need to call for air conditioning repair.

The drain line is another issue for moisture. It must be kept clear or the water condensed by the evaporator coils will back up into the house. The damage can be extensive, especially if it occurs while you are away. Pour a cup of bleach into the drain line every month to keep it clear of mold, fungal or algae growth. If your line does not have an access port, an air conditioning repair technician can install one for a small charge.

Ventilation in the attic is another issue that must be addressed to keep your HVAC system working properly. Hot, humid air must be allowed to escape from the attic. This can be accomplished with one of the following products:

• Soffit vents
• Ridge vent
• Air turbine
• Attic fan

Your air conditioning repair company can install ventilation for you at a nominal charge. This keeps the heated air from passing into the air duct system. It also prevents the moisture from causing mold growth.