Moisture Affects Your AC Effectiveness

Published on: May 16, 2012

The air conditioner in your Atlanta, Georgia home processes a great deal of moisture every day, and this typically doesn’t present a problem. Without AC service, your home would soon be dripping with moisture caused by the excess heat and humidity of an Atlanta summer. Moisture only becomes a problem for your air conditioner when it takes in too much and can’t process it all. There are a number of reasons that this may happen, and most of them require contacting an air conditioning repair company in Atlanta for assistance.

The most common reason that condensation may back up in your air conditioner is that the drainage tubes become blocked. This is something that an air conditioning repair company can diagnose for certain. Blockage can happen when the water passing through the tubes freezes or when debris within the unit causes it to stop flowing. Whatever the reason for the moisture build-up, immediate air conditioning repair is necessary to avoid major damage to the internal components of your air conditioner.

It is normal for an air conditioner to appear to sweat during daily use. However, too much sweating also requires the assistance of an AC service company to diagnose and fix the problem. When condensation passes through your air conditioner like it should, the unused water empties into a pan attached to the unit. If the pan is consistently empty, this indicates that your AC service is not functioning properly. You will need to contact an air conditioning repair service in Atlanta to prevent moisture from remaining inside of the unit and destroying it.

You can perform some of your own AC services by emptying the drainage pan frequently and removing moisture from inside the unit with dry towels or a vacuum cleaner. You should also wipe away any mold that has developed.