New AC Trends Can Help Sell Your Home in Atlanta, GA

Published on: May 9, 2012

If your home has been on the market in Atlanta, Georgia for several months with no offers, you may want to consider new AC installation to attract more buyers. New AC installation is an especially attractive option if you have owned your current unit for more than 10 years. Energy efficiency for new air conditioning systems has greatly improved over the past decade, making today’s units almost twice as efficient as past models. The buyers who are looking at your home now may see the old air conditioning system and automatically assume there will be large utility bills that go along with it.

Today’s Atlanta homeowners are also looking for air conditioning systems that give them more control over the air output. A popular trend in new AC installation is the ductless split system air conditioner. As its name implies, this air conditioning system requires no ductwork and is more compact in your home. Once an AC installation company has put in the new unit, the homeowner can control the temperature in the home on a room by room basis. For example, if your basement is always cold, you can program it to be at a higher setting while the rest of your home is at a lower setting. A ductless split system air conditioner can help people who have different ideas of comfort live comfortably together in the same house.

Another trend in the air conditioning industry is to have the unit connected to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows the homeowner to control the settings while out of the home. He or she can set one temperature during the workweek and then have more flexibility on the weekends. Remote control access to the air conditioner takes it one step further by not requiring the homeowner to be at home to control the settings.