The Carrier® Energy Experts Program Highlights

Published on: May 4, 2012

Carrier® has launched a new nationwide program for Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealers called the Carrier® Energy Experts. This new program was initiated to help authorized dealers focus on reducing consumer’s energy costs and improving the performance of the heating and air conditioning units in their homes. Through this program, Carrier® Authorized Dealers complete home energy assessments for consumers to view the efficiency of their heating and air conditioning units. It also provides them with training in home performance to help consumers reduce energy consumption, make their homes more comfortable and save money on their energy bills.

The highlight of the Energy Experts program is the Carrier® 360° Whole Home Energy Audit. The Carrier® 360° Whole Home Energy Audit is a six-step process. This process helps Carrier® Experts identify areas of concern with consumer’s heating and air conditioning systems and fix them.

The inspection is the first step of the Carrier® 360° audit. During this phase a Carrier® Energy Expert will complete a comprehensive checklist by reviewing your past energy bills, inspecting your heating and air conditioning equipment, water heater, insulation, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and gas leaks. Testing and analysis are steps two and three of the audit. Your Carrier® Energy Expert will do a series of tests using a blower door system, a thermal imaging camera, duct blaster and flow hood. Once all the information is gathered, it’s analyzed and a game plan is put together.

Steps four through six include: recommendations, resolution and results. During this phase of the audit, Carrier®’s Energy Experts provide recommendations based on their findings and provide consumers with budget conscious resolutions to give to its customers.