Put Your Tax Refund to Work Cooling Your Home

Published on: May 16, 2012

When you receive your federal tax refund, you may have already prepared a long list of things to do with your windfall. If your home’s air conditioning system needs to be updated and replaced, you can put your tax refund to work cooling your home. Our air conditioning service technicians explain the benefits of a brand new air conditioning installation in your home.

Energy Savings
Older air conditioning systems consume more energy than today’s high efficiency heating and cooling systems. Today’s air conditioning systems offer seasonal energy efficiency ratios of 14 or higher, making them much more efficient than the average residential air conditioner built 10 years ago. When our air conditioning installation technicians put a brand new air conditioning system in your home, you will enjoy energy bills that are up to 20 percent less than what you paid before.

Lower Operating Costs
In addition to lower energy bills, after a new air conditioning installation you will notice lower overall operating costs to cool your home. Your new air conditioning system will require fewer air conditioning service visits compared to an old system. After our air conditioning installation technicians install your new air conditioner, ask about what federal tax credits or rebates for which you could qualify.

Greater Comfort
Today’s new air conditioning systems offer greater comfort than ever before. Our air conditioning service technicians install split-phase and multi-phase cooling systems that offer constant and consistent airflow to all the rooms of your home. New systems installed by our air conditioning service technicians come with programmable thermostats for setting cooling schedules to coordinate with your activities in and out of the home. When it comes to putting your tax refund to work for you and keeping you comfortable, there is no better investment than a new cooling system.