How an AC Tune-Up Can Save You Money

Published on: May 2, 2012

If you are looking for ways to save on the cost of air conditioning service and repair, you can’t go wrong with annual preventative maintenance. Most air conditioning service and repair companies provide their customers with the opportunity to purchase an annual service contract that includes both air conditioning and heating system preventative maintenance. The cost for the contract is generally very nominal in exchange for the services you receive. To help you make the decision, compare your air conditioning service and repair bills for the past year to the cost of a service contract. It is very likely that many of the charges you paid for could have been avoided with preventative maintenance.

An annual preventative maintenance tune-up helps to save you money in several ways. When an air conditioning service technician performs the tune-up, he or she gauges fluid levels, checks for broken wiring and several other points of general maintenance. This helps to ensure that the unit will run efficiently throughout the warmest months of the year. When an air conditioner is well maintained, it is less likely that you will have to pay for multiple air conditioning service and repair appointments to fix minor issues.

In addition to increased air conditioner efficiency, preventative maintenance helps you to save money in two other important ways. If you invest in a tune-up once a year, you may add several years to the life span of your unit. This saves on the high cost of having to purchase a new air conditioner before it is absolutely necessary. You also save money when service technicians detect minor problems before they develop into issues that are more complex and expensive to fix later. Most air conditioning service and repair companies also provide additional benefits to service plan members, such as preferred scheduling and future discounts.