Save Money and Reduce Your AC and Water Heating Costs. Here’s How:

Published on: May 16, 2012

Air conditioning systems and hot water heaters are necessary for modern life in Brunswick, Georgia, but they can also pose a challenge towards your goal of greater energy efficiency. Fortunately, there are some small steps you can take that will pay off big when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs.


You need hot water to run several appliances in your home, but you may not need as much as you think. For example, you could save money by washing most of your clothes in cold water rather than hot water. You can also request that your family members don’t automatically turn the hot water dial up as far as possible when taking a shower. For that matter, reducing the length of showers will also cut down on hot water costs.


Adding insulation to the attic and walls of your Brunswick home can aid in keeping both heating and cooling costs low. This tip is even more useful if either your water heater or your air conditioning system is greater than 10 years old. Water heaters manufactured since that time should have a built-in insulating factor.


When you go on vacation or leave your home for extended periods of time, be sure to turn both the hot water heater and air conditioning system to the lowest possible settings or even shut them off entirely. Wasteful heating and cooling is the biggest threat you face in attempting to improve your energy efficiency.


For hot water heaters, installing a timer on the unit will enable it to shut down during off-peak hours. The same is true for using a programmable thermostat with your air conditioning system. Many Brunswick homeowners have already discovered that energy efficiency in their homes dramatically improves by using these simple tools. Routine maintenance for all of your HVAC equipment is also recommended.