How Your Ac Functions-What You Should Know

Published on: May 9, 2012

All air conditioner systems work based upon the same principles. This is why air conditioning repair technicians in Macon, GA are able to work on all of them. These principles are important to understanding why you’re able to cool off your home thanks to these great machines.

An air conditioner system is split at the point where the condenser and compressor are located. They are connected via a refrigerant line to an evaporator coil inside of a metal box that holds the blower, filter, heating and cooling elements, mixing chamber, humidifier controls and vibration isolators. Air conditioning repair technicians know that all of these things are within one air conditioner box.

Whenever your Macon, GA home turns on its air conditioner the heat is transferred outside thanks to a compressor that works like a refrigerator. In fact, a refrigerant fluid passes through an expansion mechanism wherein it’s changed from liquid into a gas so that it can absorb heat. This is then released outside of your home as vapor before once again changing from a gas into a liquid. The fluid is then returned to the expansion mechanism since this is a process that has to be continuously repeated. Of course, there is more to this that your air conditioning repair technician has a thorough understanding of.

The air conditioning repair technician understands that the air within your home is cooled as it travels across the evaporator. This is when the moisture will be removed from your home as well. It is disposed of by the air conditioner thanks to its drainage system.