Summer is Almost Here-Your Tax Refund Can Tune-Up Your AC and Keep You Cool

Published on: May 16, 2012

As a homeowner in Fort Walton Beach, FL, you know that summer is almost here. This year, let your tax refund help tune-up your air conditioner and keep you cool. A spring AC service or air conditioning repair or installation will help keep you and your family comfortable and cool all summer long. Our AC service technicians explain how using your tax refund can help keep you cool this summer.

AC Service
To keep your home cool this summer, a tune-up or AC service visit by our air conditioning experts will ensure that your system is ready to go just when you need it. Our tune-up service includes a system-wide inspection followed by cleaning and lubrication of the motor and fan, draining of the condensate line, checking the coolant level and replacing the air filter. Our AC service tune-ups are affordable and competitive in price. Putting your tax refund to use by tuning up your AC is a small investment that will benefit you for many months.

Air Conditioning Repair or Installation
During your system tune-up, our repair technicians may discover an issue that requires an air conditioning repair or installation. Putting your tax refund into an air conditioning repair or installation of a new air conditioning system will help keep you cool all summer long. Your heating and air conditioning system must be in perfect working condition in order to effectively cool your Fort Walton Beach, FL home. Our air conditioning professionals will help you decide whether to repair your existing air conditioner or if a brand new air conditioning system is a better choice for your home. Investing your tax refund into a new air conditioning system will lower your monthly utility costs and you may qualify for federal tax incentive programs depending on which system you select.