Expecting a Tax Refund? You can Improve Your Home with An Energy Efficient AC System

Published on: May 16, 2012

The tax season provides many families with the extra finances they look forward to each year. Don’t waste your tax money on intangible items that will only benefit your family just for a short quick moment. Invest your tax refund into your home and reap the benefits monthly from the extra savings you will have by purchasing energy efficiency appliances. The summers in Hattiesburg, MS are really hot. You can really save money during the summer on your utility bills by focusing on energy efficiency. Your next air conditioning installation should be an energy efficient one with the ENERGY STAR logo.

There are many great perks for purchasing an energy efficient unit for your air conditioning installation. Home owners get to take advantage of a tax energy credit for purchasing products that were created for energy efficiency. Using an ENERGY STAR unit for your next air conditioning installation will qualify you for a tax credit up to $1500.

An older air conditioning unit is a costly appliance. You’re basically throwing money away if you have an older HVAC system cooling or heating your Hattiesburg, MS home. Improve the comfort of your home and lower your utility bills by focusing on your home’s energy efficiency. Call a HVAC professional to give you advice and guidance on your next air conditioning installation and perform an energy audit. A home energy audit will:

– Tell you how energy efficient your home really is
– Tell you what utility upgrades will have the biggest impact on your utility bills
– Test your interconnected system