2012 AHR Expo’s Info You Can Use

Published on: May 2, 2012

From January 23 through January 25, 2012, nearly 2,000 exhibitors demonstrated air conditioning and heating products to record crowds at the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago. The AHR Expo, which is held in a major city every January, was a place for air conditioning and heating contractors to interact with one another and the general public. It was also an opportunity for exhibitors to show off new advances in air conditioning and heating technology.

The general consensus after the 2012 AHR Expo is that today’s energy consumer is looking for air conditioning and heating products that are efficient, have less of an impact on the environment and cost less to maintain. Both air conditioning and heating manufacturers are taking note of the trend and producing equipment that is more energy efficient than ever. Whereas a decade ago it was common to see energy efficiency ratings in the low teens, air conditioning and heating equipment being produced today often has ratings in the 20s. Since a new HVAC system represents a major purchase for most people, the higher energy efficiency ratings are helping them to feel more confident in their decisions.

Another major concern with both home and business owners today is using heating and cooling equipment that does not contribute to environmental decline. In response to this trend, more HVAC businesses than ever before are deciding to go green. This means that companies are offering home and business energy evaluations to their customers in order to help them make better choices. HVAC companies are also strongly encouraging preventative maintenance as a means of keeping heating and air conditioning systems running as efficiently as possible. Home and business owners who opt to maintain existing equipment rather than replace it can realize cost savings and decreased environmental waste.